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How do I book access tickets?

We have updated our ticketing system this year to list Disabled Tickets online for ease of purchase.  These include wheelchair users, Non-Wheelchair and all other registered disabled.  Every disabled ticket holder is entitled to a free ticket for a carer. 


We welcome disabled visitors to The London International Horse Show. Tickets for disabled visitors will be available to purchase tickets online here.


All public entrances allow for access by wheelchair via low gradient ramps and an automatic door. Once inside the venue, all floors are level offering unobstructed access.


The show has two wheelchair platforms and offers tickets for Non-Wheelchair; each disabled ticket allows for one free carer. Separate instructions for ingress and egress will be sent to all of our wheelchair visitors to ensure their safety at the show.


The two wheelchair user platforms are in front of blocks 10, 11 and 12 and the other in front of block 1. If you are Non-Wheelchair then we will allocate seats in the first couple of rows of blocks 10, 11 and 12. If you are hearing or sight impaired you may sit anywhere with a carer. 


Wheelchair Tickets

Non-Wheelchair Tickets