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For ease of purchase, accessible tickets can be booked online and no longer require booking over the phone. These include wheelchair users, Non-Wheelchair and all other registered disabled visitors. Every accessible ticket holder is entitled to a free ticket for a carer.  This is applicable to both the London Arena and the International Arena. 


Non-Wheelchair seats for the International Arena and the London Arena are located in a dedicated area of the seating which has easy access. Seats for the International Arena are at the East end of the Arena (in Blocks 10 and 11, row C). Seats for the London Arena are in the front two rows.  Non-Wheelchair is specifically for easy access, there are still a few stairs but far less than other areas. Each ambulant disabled ticket is entitled to a free ticket for a carer.


Please select the tickets you require (including one for the carer) and add to your basket. You must pay for all tickets including those for the carer at point of purchase.  Please upload your documentation on the payment page, if you do not have your documentation to hand you can add this to your order in the Customer service portal by logging in and scrolling down to the Questions.  Once proof of disability has been verified, the carer ticket will be refunded.  Examples of the type of proof of disability are:


  • DLA Letter
  • PIP Letter
  • or CredAbility Access Card


For the full table of ticket prices click here.


This ticket includes all day access to the Shopping Village, Live Zone and standing viewing of the London Arena (Showing classes, Masterclasses and demonstrations), as well as the collecting ring and Vestey Viewing Arena.


You can view a seating plan here.