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How do I send tickets to the buyer?

Once your ticket has been sold you will receive an email confirmation of the sale with instructions on what you need to do next. Please check this email for further information.


If your listing is for E-tickets (available as a pdf, sent via email) you will need to forward these on to your buyers email as soon as possible. To view the buyers email address, visit the ‘resale’ area of your account under your ‘sold’ listings click ‘View order details’ and this information will be displayed.


You can also contact your buyer to confirm any details via our messaging tool here.


If your listing is for digital tickets (available via the wallet app) you do not need to do anything. We will automatically transfer your tickets to your buyer once sold and you will no longer be able to view them in the app.


If you need any assistance with this you can get in touch by filling out this online form.