Welcome to the Support Centre

Can I ask a question?

As your Virtual assistant, I love answering your questions but I'm still learning to help you with specific order issues so please avoid using order numbers, specific names or email addresses. I understand short and simple questions best. So please...


  • Type more than three words and use a question phrasing
  • Type in one sentence/question at a time
  • Don't provide specific order details, names or email addresses
  • Avoid slang and text abbreviations. i.e. Where are my tickets? rather than Where R my tickets?


If your question is not being answered, please rephrase again, making sure your question, is short, simple and avoiding specific details. Examples below:


  • Can I track my order?
  • Can I add tickets to my order?
  • When does my event take place?
  • What are the opening times?
  • Can I order a carer ticket?