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Is parking available for Christmas at Kew?

Parking is now strictly prohibited along Kew Road, due to the implementation of cycle lanes on both directions along the length of this road.


Brentford Gate Car Park

Parking at Kew’s Ferry Lane car park (TW9 3AF) is for advance booking only.

You need to buy tickets with reserved parking (additional £10) to guarantee your space. Your entrance to Christmas at Kew will be via Brentford Gate which is next to the car park.

Tickets for daytime parking are valid until 3pm so you will need an additional parking ticket for the evening.

The car park closes promptly at 10pm. Please note there is a longer walk from the car park to the trail this year – please be prepared to add at least 10 minutes to your walking time each way.


National Archives Car Park

There will be car parking spaces available at the National Archives with Access to the car park is available 40 minutes ahead of your Trail booking time. i.e. if your trail time is 5.30pm, you are able to access the car park from 4.50pm. The car park is accessed at Bessant Drive, just off of Mortlake Road and the postcode is TW9 4DU. The car park is an 11 minute walk from Victoria Gate and a 25 minute walk from Lion Gate.


Disabled access parking

Parking in Kew’s car park (TW9 3AF) is free to drivers with a disability and displaying the Blue Badge.

You need to buy tickets with reserved parking and select the option for disabled access parking.


Please see www.kew.org/christmas for full travel information. We strongly encourage the use of public transport.