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What is on the live talks stage?

Home to the UK's leading parenting and baby experts, the Live Talks Stage hosts free expert talks, panel discussions, and celebrity Q&A's throughout the show. Whether you want to start prepping for birth, find solutions to common sleep issues, learn life-saving first aid skills, get breastfeeding off to a great start or find support for your mental health, we've got your back.


Free expert talks, panel discussions, and celebrity chats. Topics include breastfeeding, birth, sleep, first aid, weaning, infant learning, and mental health.


The Baby Show provides a unique visitor experience with free support, information and advice from the UK’s leading baby and parenting experts on everything from sleep, birth, breastfeeding and first aid to weaning and development. Live talks, Q&As, and panel discussions are timetabled throughout the weekend on the Live Talks Stage.


A hearing loop facility will be available.


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