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Can I camp at Bloodstock?

There are 7 standard campsites which are ASGARD, HEL, MIDGARD, VALHALLA, IRONWOOD, RAGNAROK and JOTUNHEIM.


QUIET CAMPSITE – RAGNAROK is the quiet campsite and ideal for families and those wanting to stay clear of the late night revellers.  There is a policy of no noise after 12 midnight and anyone who feels the need to cause a disturbance after this time will be immediately ejected from this campsite. 


There will be designated barbecue areas in each of the main campsites. We only allow the use of disposable BBQ’s, however you are fine to bring camping stoves that use hard fuel such as Hexamine blocks.  The BBQ areas will be kept clean and tidy by a dedicated team of people throughout the weekend.


Gas appliances of any kind, naked flames, ie candle torches, Fires or fire juggling equipment, paraffin or oil lamps will not be allowed on site. 


In order to give everyone enough room to camp we will not be allowing gazebo’s or large open spaces among tents as social spaces.  Please feel free to camp with your mates but don’t build a village green.


Want to bring a campervan?