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What should I wear on the Ice Rink?

We recommend wrapping up in warm, outdoor clothing and please wear gloves.


As skates can get wet, it would be a good idea to bring a change of socks for after your session.


On all outdoor ice rinks there is a risk of getting soggy as there is often surface water on the ice.  If you fall over, you will probably get wet so you may wish to bring a change of trousers, just in case.


Outdoor ice rinks are subject to the elements and due to rain, unseasonably warm weather, high winds or a combination of these weather conditions, the surface of the ice rink can develop a layer of water. It is not unsafe to skate on a wet rink, just more uncomfortable if you fall and get wet. It can be more slippery when getting up, which is why we advise wearing gloves – not only to help with the cold, but also to aid traction on the ice when getting up.