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Can I book a Child's Skate aid?

Yes. We have skate aids available for children visiting the rink. These are £5 to hire and are available, subject to availability.


There are a limited number of skate aids at each rink so you must pre-book your skate aid. Skaters can be up to 120cm to use the skate aid. This is a health and safety rule and there will be no exceptions made at the rink.


Staff will scan your skate aid extra ticket, measure the skater, and present you with a wrist band to collect your penguin skate aid before you get on the ice.


Please be aware, you will not receive a refund if you have booked a skate aid for a child who’s over 120cm tall. Our Penguin skate aids are available to help children with balance and their skating - we do not have skate aids available for adults.