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Can I book a carer ticket?

If you are a disabled visitor and require a carer to attend the MCN Festival of Motorcycling with you, you can claim a complimentary carer ticket, whether visiting for the day or camping for the weekend. You can book these online here - select whether you want a day ticket or camping ticket and scroll down to the disabled ticket option where a free carer ticket will be automatically added


At the event, we will request proof of entitlement in order to claim the carer ticket. The following are the only acceptable forms of documentation accepted: 

  • Letter from consultant detailing condition why you are eligible or in need of a carer. 
  • Letter/notice of entitlement for Personal Independence Payment
  • Copy/proof of DLA entitlement
  • Letter from your doctor clearly stating why you are eligible and require a carer
  • Blue parking badge, Freedom Pass or Access Card.


Use of the carer ticket does not guarantee zero waiting/queuing time, especially at peak times.