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Can I bring my own food and drink to Nocturne Live?

We don’t allow food or drink to be brought into the Nocturne Concert Area. If you wish to bring your own picnic, there is an area outside the Nocturne Concert Area, but within the palace grounds, where picnics can be consumed before the concert.


Please note, if you are bringing a picnic hamper, you must either empty it or return it to your car before you enter the Nocturne Concert Area.  


Please note, we do allow sealed bottles of water up to 750ml to be brought into the Nocturne Concert Area and empty unsealed bottles can be brought in to be refilled at the water points. Water points will be available on site. For more information on our onsite facilities, please see our dedicated information page here


For customers with specific dietary requirements that we don’t cater for, we do allow a reasonable amount of food to be brought into the Nocturne Concert Area for personal consumption. This must be confirmed in advance of the concert by emailing info@nocturnelive.com.


For information on food and drink allowances, please see our Food & Drink information page here.


Nocturne allows small amounts of food to be bought in for those with specific dietary requirements or medical conditions that might require it. Please email info@nocturnelive.com directly and someone from their customer service team will be in touch.