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I have sensory considerations. What should I expect?

Like any event, the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Final will have a lot of noise, excitement, and action. However, with a capacity of around 1000 fans, this event might not be as intense a sensory environment as other big sporting competitions that take place in larger arenas.


There are some important sensory considerations to bear in mind, including:

- We will have big screens, that can be bright.

- We will be playing music and doing interviews that will be played through loudspeakers.

- There will be bright LED lights, adding colour to our event.

- This is an indoor venue. At times, it might get noisy – particularly as people get excited – and the venue might be warm!

- We will be flashing lights during the sports presentations.

- There will be a smoke haze at times to enhance the lights.

- There will be loud noises from the PA, (Presenters, Music, Videos, Stings)

- No pyrotechnics are planned at this event.


We hope by being aware of these factors, you feel empowered to be best prepared for this event. If you wish to highlight any adjustments or request free sensory aids before the event, please contact Annie – disability@britishtaekwondo.org For support on the day, please speak to a member of the volunteer team or British Taekwondo staff. We are confident this event will provide an enjoyable experience of Taekwondo and what the sport has to offer.