Welcome to the Support Centre

I want to prepare for the event. What can I expect?

Taekwondo is an exciting sport to watch. Every day the event will feature a number of fights showcasing athletes from around the world. There are three competition areas to watch during the day. The matches in the later sessions, which include the medal matches, take place on one court in the middle of the arena.


During this session there will be player walk outs at the start of each match, these will take approximately 2 minutes and include bright lights, music, videos and stings, the venue will be dark during this time. During the event there will be a light haze effect which is like a thin mist which captures the lights and makes them more visible.


There will be low levels of natural light in the venue but the venue will be suitably lit throughout the day. There will be lots of excitement from the crowd for each match. We expect people to be cheering and shouting, so please feel free to wear or bring ear defenders if this helps. We will have a small number of ear defenders to borrow on the day, if the noise levels are too much.


Our Fan Zone will have lots of exciting and interesting aspects to them including activities for spectators to join in with. We have some give-it-a-go sessions, a reaction board, an area you can write a message to an athlete and The Paralympic Heritage Trust, who will be showcasing the history of the Paralympics. This area is all accessible and we will make relative adaptions to each section of the Fan Zone if you need support. Please find one of the staff in the Fan Zone area if you need assistance. The Fan Zone will be running each day of the event but please be aware the Friday will be the busiest due to engagement with schools and local support groups.