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How can I find out if my tickets are eligible for resale?

Unfortunately, not all orders can be listed for resale on Fan to Fan. It is at the discretion of the venue/organisers to utilise the service; making a purchase does not automatically qualify you to use this service or a refund in lieu of it.


Only digitally despatched (Digital App and E-ticket) can be listed for resale on Fan to Fan. Tickets purchased via instalments, add-ons and upgrades cannot be listed for resale, even if they have been paid in full.


Tickets purchased through Fan to Fan cannot be relisted.

The easiest way to check if your order is eligible is to log in to your order here and check the quick links at the top of the page.


If your order is eligible, you should see a ticket icon to the right and the clickable word 'Resell tickets'. If the icon is not visible, then it is likely your booking cannot be listed.


Another way to check is through your account. Click here to log in or create an account using the same email address on your booking.


Click on the ‘orders’ tab and follow the steps to import any orders made under your email address. You can then go to the ‘resales’ tab to view any eligible tickets for resale. If there are no orders showing, unfortunately your order cannot be listed via Fan to Fan.