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Is there a ‘quieter access’ session for Christmas at Bedgebury?

These sessions are for adults and young people who would love to experience Christmas at Bedgebury without the usual high volumes of people. The sessions will begin at twilight before the illuminated trail opens to the public, making the transition into the dark much easier. For Christmas at Bedgebury 2022, these will be held at 4pm on Wednesday 30th November and Tuesday 6th December.


The capacity of these sessions will be limited to ensure that the trail remains less crowded and more relaxed.


It should be noted that on many of our trails the path network is not tarmac, and although there are stewards along the route to assist you, the trail will follow the natural contours of the landscape and paths can be steep at times.


Wheelchairs, mobility scooters and trampers will not be available to hire on site, so please make any necessary arrangements for these prior to your visit. They are accommodated but discretion is required as the trail may not be suitable for all aids. Stewards will assist where possible but this cannot be guaranteed.


Ticket prices for our quieter sessions are consistent with the rest of the illuminated trail, with carers entering for free. When booking, please talk to our staff about any additional support you may need for exiting the illuminated trail through quieter areas or help with parking closer to the start of the trail.


To book these sessions please use this link