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What is a LAN ticket?

If you're a PC gamer and looking for a way to rub shoulders with the biggest gaming community in the UK then the Insomnia LAN is the place to be. 24 hours of PC focussed gaming. Tournaments, activities, bars, deliver-to-your-desk services and so much more. Everything in the BYOC is tailored based on the feedback we get from you, the community. Every game we play, every activity we put on is all based on exactly what you said you wanted to see at the next show. If you don’t own your own PC, that’s fine! We offer a range of rentals for all budgets. For more information take a look at the LAN page.


Your BYOC ticket grants you 24-hour access to the LAN hall, the LAN seat picker so you can make sure you and your friends are sat together, access to the after-hours bar, exclusive evening entertainment discounts and of course, a swanky fabric wristband. All of this and early entry into the Insomnia expo every day! 


What is the difference between LAN Standard and LAN Priority/VIP?