Welcome to the Support Centre

How do I upgrade my tickets?

We offer upgrades to customers, when there is availability. In order to upgrade your tickets, you will need to go through See Ticket’s rebook & refund process. To do so, please click on the ‘Already ordered tickets?’ button and purchase your new tickets. Once this is done, please get in touch with See Tickets via the Order Tracker and they will refund the unwanted tickets. Please note that they will only be able to refund tickets that you are upgrading.


You will need to enter your See Tickets order reference number and then either the postcode or telephone used when booking. If you don’t have these details then please use the ‘Forgotten your details?’ option and enter the email address used when booking.


We only offer the ability for customers to upgrade specific ticket types so please take a careful look through the list below:


Upgrade a ‘Day’ ticket to ‘Premium Day’ ticket
Upgrade a ‘Weekend without Camping’ ticket to ‘Premium Weekend without Camping’ ticket
Upgrade a ‘Weekend with Camping’ ticket to ‘Premium Weekend with Camping’ ticket
Upgrade a ‘Big Early Weekend with Camping ticket’ to ‘Big Early Premium Weekend with Camping ticket.
Upgrade a ‘Day’ ticket to ‘Weekend without Camping’ ticket or ‘Weekend with Camping’ or ‘Big Early
Weekend with Camping’ ticket (this also applies to ‘Premium’ ticket types.


Please note that upgrades are only subject to availability.