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How do I upgrade my tickets?

You will be able to upgrade your tickets, where there is availability. We only offer the ability for customers to upgrade specific ticket types so please take a careful look through the list below:


- Upgrade a 'Day' ticket to 'Premium Day' ticket


- Upgrade a 'Weekend without Camping' ticket to 'Premium Weekend without Camping' ticket


- Upgrade a 'Weekend with Camping' ticket to 'Premium Weekend with Camping' ticket


- Upgrade a 'Big Early Weekend with Camping' ticket to 'Big Early Premium Weekend with Camping' ticket


- Upgrade a 'Day' ticket to 'Weekend without Camping' ticket of 'Weekend with Camping' or 'Big Early Weekend with Camping' ticket (this also applies to 'Premium' ticket types)


If you are wanting to book more tickets and/or more expensive tickets please rebook and send both your original and new booking reference by clicking hereTo receive a refund on your unwanted tickets, you must submit the correct information of both unwanted tickets and tickets you’d like to keep no later than 48 hours before the event date. Please note that only tickets that are eligible for an upgrade can be refunded’