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How do I assign my personalised E-tickets?

As the original purchaser, you will need to activate your ticket(s) before they are released. To do this, log into your order here and select 'Manage/Assign Tickets to attendee'


Here all the tickets on your order will be displayed and you will be given the option on the drop-down menu to either claim the ticket for yourself, or forward the ticket on to a friend.


If you are claiming the ticket for yourself simply follow the online instructions and select 'Claim ticket' to have the E-ticket emailed to yourself.


If you are forwarding the ticket to a friend, simply enter their name and email address where prompted once the ticket has been selected and click 'Send Invite'


Please note: all tickets must be claimed or assigned before they can be released. Only entry tickets need to be assigned - if you have purchased any add-ons these will automatically be released to the lead booker.