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How does the buyer receive my tickets?

Once your tickets have been successfully sold, you will be able to view all your sold listings under the Resales tab on your account. You must ensure to forward to the buyer all relevant event notifications and updates sent to you to make them aware of the latest information surrounding the event


If you have sold an E-ticket


You are solely responsible for forwarding your tickets on to the buyer. By clicking on View order details, you will find your buyer’s details, including the email address you are required to send your tickets to.


Please note, you risk the forfeit of any monies from the sale should you fail to do so within a reasonable timeframe.


If you have sold a Digital (App) Ticket


Your tickets will automatically be removed from your wallet and transferred to the buyer’s digital wallet. You do not need to do anything to facilitate this exchange.


Please note: if your listing was created prior to March 2022, when physical tickets where still eligible for resale, you will need to send the tickets to your buyer via post.