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Do I need to bring ID to the Festival?

All tickets will be personalised with the passport photograph submitted by the ticket holder during registration. As long as your registration photo is of a good likeness, you do not need ID to enter the Festival.


Every ticket holder will be required to present their personalised ticket. Checks will be made at the gates. If you are not the person whose face is printed on the ticket you will be denied entry.


Children aged 12 and under, and teen ticket holders, must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder. If you are bringing a child aged 12 or under with you who looks older than 12 you MUST bring ID to verify their age.


Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied to the Festival by a responsible adult (aged 18 or over, who would usually be the parent, carer, legal guardian or other adult entrusted with the care of that child) who accepts full responsibility, at all times, for all under 16s attending under their supervision. Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to enter, leave or re-enter the Festival site unaccompanied by their responsible adult.


When booking a ticket for a teen aged 13, 14 or 15, you must select the ‘TEEN’ ticket option, and confirm that their parent or legal guardian has consented for their data to be processed. Those who are aged 16 or 17 are allowed to attend the Festival unaccompanied, but we would strongly advise that this decision is made with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.


Glastonbury Festival operates a ‘Challenge 21’ policy for alcohol sales. If you look under 21, you will not be served alcohol unless you can prove you are over 18 – by presenting ID, or by wearing a ‘Challenge 21’ wristband. Full details here.


Please note that some areas of the site, particularly front-of-stage barriers and late-night areas are unsuitable for children. This may include adult content and crowds.  Pushchairs and trolleys which may impact on crowd movement may not be permitted in these areas. Some late night and screening facilities may have age restrictions for entry. Those wishing to attend should bring suitable ID as proof of age, and parents and responsible adults should ensure that all restrictions are adhered to. For films classified as 18, a ‘Challenge 21’ policy will apply.


Do I need ID to collect my entry ticket on the coach?