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Where can I retrieve or edit my registration details?

To retrieve or edit your registration details, please click here.


As an organisation we need to ensure that the data we hold about you is relevant, accurate, kept up to date, and stored for no longer than is necessary. This means from time to time, we need to review the data we hold for you.


In order to maintain your registration(s), you need to look up your registration via the above link, and CONFIRM if you wish to keep your existing registration(s). Please also take a moment to review the details and photo(s) we have on file, submitting a more recent photo if your existing photo is no longer of a good likeness, and make any other necessary amendments to your registered information no later than 30th September 2023. Please note only registrations submitted prior to 2020 require validation.


If you do not confirm that you wish to retain your pre-2020 existing registration details, then your registration will be DELETED on 2nd October 2023 and you will be required to submit a new registration before you can try and book future tickets. 


Please note, as ever, that registration does not guarantee you a ticket to the Festival. You will need an active registration to attempt to purchase tickets when they go on sale. To prevent touting, tickets for Glastonbury Festival are non-transferable. Each ticket features the photograph of the registered ticket holder with security check carried out to ensure that only the person in the photograph is admitted to the Festival.