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What about existing registrations?

If you have registered since 2010, your registration number should still be valid, however we would advise that you check your existing registration well in advance of tickets going on sale, in case your photo is no longer of a good likeness. Look up an existing registration here.


Photo technology has improved significantly since the ticket registration system was first introduced. In order to maintain the quality of registration photos on tickets, and to uphold the security of the Festival ticketing system, we strongly recommend keeping your registration photo up to date; especially if your photo is more than two years old, or your appearance has significantly changed since you registered. It is now possible to submit a new photograph and keep your existing registration number. To edit your registration, please enter your registered email address here to receive a link to edit your photo and other registration details.


Please note, it is not possible to change your registered photo if you have a current booking linked to your registration details, so please make sure you have an up to date photograph before booking tickets.


If you no longer have access to the email account which you originally used to register, you will need to submit a new registration. If in any doubt, please re-register well in advance of when you intend to book tickets.


Changes to your name and address will be reflected on your ticket, however if you change these details after you have submitted your order, you will need to also amend your delivery address directly with See Tickets.


Any registrations submitted prior to 2010 have been deleted. Anyone with a registration submitted prior to 2010 will therefore need to re-register before they can purchase tickets for the 2023 Festival (unless they already have a valid registration from a later year). If you registered prior to 2010 and intend to buy tickets for the 2023 Festival, please check to see if you have any valid registrations here or submit a fresh registration here.