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I can't go anymore, can I pass my ticket on?

No. Tickets (including deposits) are fully non-transferable. If one of your party is no longer able to attend the Festival they can obtain a refund minus the relevant admin fee, however you cannot reserve that deposit for someone else. Cancelled tickets will be put back on general release in the ticket resale.


Tickets for Glastonbury Festival are personalised with a photo of the ticket holder and cannot be transferred to another recipient. If you are unable to come to the Festival, and require a refund for your ticket, please contact See Tickets by using their Glastonbury Contact Form on the registration look up page and confirming your order details or on See Tickets’ Glastonbury Customer Service page before midnight Friday May 5th 2023 to log your request for a refund.


An administration charge will be retained from all refunded tickets.


It is not possible to cancel part of the booking – if you are unable to travel on your allotted coach you will need to cancel your ticket booking.